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Assignment: Designing the Interactive Space, Part 3

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Below are two brand new iterations of the home page for my personal website and my thoughts on how each design may work in my favor… or against it! For one of them, I also included comps of the interior pages, because I switched things up a bit, too (Note: They’re still missing the writing on the navigation bars!).

Home Page 2.0

Home Page 2.0 (zoom in for clearer view)

What I like about this design is that it’s simple, but intriguing. I think the blue I used for the navigation bar works far better than the teal I had going on before and I prefer the font I used this time around, too. It isn’t heavy like the font used for my name, so it doesn’t compete with it. Also, I took away the circle that I was going to use as a space for a logo. People in my class pretty much said that my name and the navigation bar kind of act as a logo, so, it’d just take away from that. I also got rid of the graphite line running above my name and below the sound bars – wasn’t really necessary.

What I think may not work is the font for the navigation bar sometimes seems too subtle. But maybe that’s just me getting used to the switch from the previous layout. Also, I feel like the top portion of the website is kind… vacant. Again, might just be a result of comparing this layout to the previous one, that had a header bar. I think I might be okay with that blank space up there once I implement the design and get my sound bars bouncing!

About Me Page 2.0

About Me Page 2.0

Audio Page 2.0

Audio Page 2.0

Home Page 3.0

Home Page 3.0

What I like about this design is the brand new iteration of the sound bar. I feel like I can go in so many different directions with it, which is both great, but also distracting. Making a final decision on it won’t be easy. Anyway, I like the greyscale and the extension of the sound bars with the text in it – I feel like that makes my categories pop out more, without taking away from my name or any other elements of the design. I also like the font I used and the fact that the categories are in lowercase.

I’m not sure, however, on the positioning of my name in this iteration. In both previous iterations, my name was used kind of like a base for the navigation bar. Also, I’m not sure on the blue header bar. I put it there to balance out the use of a footer, but also to incorporate another color into the mix. Still unsure if that’s even necessary, to be honest…

Anyway, I still have a lot of thinking to do. I might just start building and deciding things along the way, or I’ll be stuck coming up with iteration after iteration and no actual website!


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