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Assignment: Designing the Interactive Space, Part 2


In the second part of our assignment, we were asked to come up with wireframes, a photo mood board, a color mood board and initial design comps for our website. I’m still unsure about certain elements and there are little things that changed from the wireframe stage to the comp pages, but I figured that was bound to happen. Also, I didn’t include a potential logo for my page or the images I’ll be using for each of the pages. Anyway, here’s what I did:


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Photo Mood Board

Mood Board

Color Mood Board

Color Board

Initial Design Comp (Home Page)

Home Page Comp

(Note: Logo is missing from bottom circle.)

Initial Design Comp (Audio Content Page)

Audio Content Comp

Initial Design Comp (About Me Page)

About Page Comp


2 thoughts on “Assignment: Designing the Interactive Space, Part 2

  1. Hey Paola! I love the sound-bar design, and I really want to see it incorporated all over your portfolio. It’s pretty unique, it’s a good logo, and it’s also functional, which basically hits all the highlights. I think the colors mesh a lot better on screen than they did on the projector, but it would still be awesome to bring that turquoise/teal/green color back a lot more in some of your internal pages.

  2. Hi Paola! Great work with your designs. I specially enjoy your color scheme and the way you laid out your navbar. The only think I would rethink is the boxed content. Having the boxes makes the site feel a little dated to me. I think just removing the shadows around will make an improvement.

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