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Assignment: Designing the Interactive Space, Part 1

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This week we enter the interactive realm and, as a first assignment, were asked to select a web site similar to one we’d like to design. There were many on my list, but I eventually ended up going with Radiolab’s site.

Screenshot of the Radiolab homepage

Who exactly is this web site or app intended to serve?

Radiolab’s web site is intended to serve those that are already fans of the show, but is also very attractive and nicely laid out for prospective fans and any and all curious minds.

What problem or need does it solve for them?

Assuming their need is to listen to some of Radiolab’s unique content, the site displays the variety of podcasts and material available to its listeners in an attractive and simple manner. You immediately get an idea of what the content will be like from the design of the website, from the choice of words for titles to the amusing, kind of random but fascinating background image. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you get information on the most popular podcasts and posts, along with links to other Radiolab sites.

How does it do it?

With a quirky, but still clean and easy to navigate layout, the Radiolab website allows its users to peruse all of its past and most recent material.  It has a very straightforward toolbar with the words “Listen”, “Read” and “Watch” located at the top of the page. I think this is effective and doesn’t overburden the viewer with options.  You can definitely tell they used a blog-like template for their layout, but it works for their purpose, content and also, I believe, helps incoming viewers be more willing and open when it comes to offering their opinions in the ‘comments’ sections of the site.




Who exactly is your web site or app intended to serve?

My website will be intended to serve those interested in my work and experiences.

What problem or need does it solve for them?

It will inform them of my story, which includes past work experiences, current projects, interests, influences, etc, and hopefully convince them to get in touch with me or promote my work.

How does it do it?

I hope to incorporate some of the elements used in the Radiolab.org website (specifically categorizing according to the senses), but will obviously have to go with a different structure, as my web site won’t be geared specifically towards displaying content I produce, but offering a glimpse of what I’m capable of.



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