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Storyboard for Jeff Buckley Tribute Project

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Our next assignment in our Media Design class involves putting together a 2-minute film on anything we want. Since I’m a huge Jeff Buckley fan (as you can probably tell from my banner!) and there’s a tribute going on at Arlene’s Grocery this week, I decided that’ll be the subject of my project. Jeff’s music has been such a huge part of my life for close to a decade now. So, this is very close to my heart. I hope to speak to musicians and people in the audience about what his music means to them, how they came across it, etc. This can only be 2 minutes long, so I kind of envision myself putting together a trailer for a bigger, more elaborate project I’ll work on in the future. We’ll see!

Below is a storyboard I filled out for the film. There isn’t much on there yet because I have no idea what kind of material I’ll get on the day of the show! Right now, I’ve got some preliminary day shots of Arlene’s Grocery and nearby streets… I’m so excited for this!



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