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Assignment: Sound as Story and Shape


So, this is another one of the assignments for my Media Design class. We had to collect sounds to help bring our story to life and present it in an NPR newscast/podcast kind of way. I went for the more conversational, casual approach, because the story is so personal.

Note: It was my first time using Adobe Premiere to edit audio (I’m more comfortable with Pro Tools, Audacity, etc), so, it took a little getting used to and there’s a lot here I’d like to fine-tune, but this is what I came up with:


2 thoughts on “Assignment: Sound as Story and Shape

  1. This has a serious public radio/the moth feel to it. I think it’s the music in the background at the beginning that really sets the tone.

  2. Very captivating story – I love the the use of your ukelele to bring it back full circle. It was nice to actually hear you tell this story due to the fact that I was late to class and missed your first performance. Nice work!

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