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Photography, Panopticon, and Simulacrum


Our next task was in Media Design was to experiment with post-production techniques in Photoshop. Below are three ‘Before and After’ shots:

We were also asked to put together a composite image/collage with multiple images we took that could be used as a poster or piece of artwork in support of our concept. In working with these pictures on Photoshop, I felt I became more aware of what I’m examining in my project. Below is what I came up with for this part of the assignment:

And finally, we were also asked to produce a doctored photograph, transforming elements of an image to again support our concept:


3 thoughts on “Photography, Panopticon, and Simulacrum

  1. Paola,
    I really love what you did with your images in Photoshop. Each one looks so much stronger with the added adjustments. My favorite is Drip I think the wood is really popping out now all the different circles lines are very defined. I also loved the photo with you standing in the flower, it looks really clean and professional. With the added photoshop effects your series of photos were very aesthetically pleasing to me. Awesome job!

  2. I like that your poster image describes a very real experience – of discovering a new neighborhood – with such surreal imagery. It looks similar to a screen print, almost an animation of the real world experience. The color palate is not that of nature at all, but the wood and floral elements allude to the simulated nature that is present in city life.

  3. Hi Paola,

    Very nice! You make the images “pop” in this assignment. The selected colors, levels of light, cropping, and sharpening creates a whole different visual experience. It is interesting looking at the originals and comparing them to the edited ones, where small changes make a big difference. I think the most transformed image is the one with the attached shadow on the wall that is dynamic and exiting in a new way after editing. You made a really cool poster as well! I like how both your hand and feet are in the frame as those are some of our main tools for discovering the world around us.

    Great job!


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