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Adam Green & Binki Shapiro: New Duo on the Block

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Adam Green (of The Moldy Peaches) and Binki Shapiro (1/3 of Little Joy and former girlfriend of the Strokes’ Fabrizio Moretti) decided to join forces after sharing stories of their respective and recent break-ups. This song in particular, “Just to Make Me Feel Good” is one of the tracks off their self-titled album due Jan. 29th on Rounder.

Album cover for the duo's first record.

Album cover for the duo’s first record.

Shapiro and Green put the pieces of their record together from afar (Binki lives in L.A. and Adam in NY), which is interesting considering the aesthetic chosen for their first music video, split-screened as they wander the streets of seemingly disparate cities.

I’d liken this collaboration to a melancholy version of She & Him, although it lacks the flair and edge M. Ward achieves with both his vocal and guitar strings. Its got that 60s, folksy-pop feel that you can’t say is unpleasant, but I wouldn’t call it gripping.

If you like what you hear, you can stream the rest of the album right over here.


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